Useful Packing Tips When Renting A Van

While renting a van is a pretty good way to save some money when you are transporting some items locally, or if you are moving into a new home by renting a big van, you can save even more if you pack properly and cut those rental hours.

Save even more by choosing the correct provider

A lot of people make the mistake of renting from their closest rental provider, and while in some cases that is the best choice out there, in most cases, it definitely isn’t. It is quite important to find a company that has decent fees on their rental services, and good reputation when it comes to charging for additional services, as well as informing you about them beforehand.

You can rent a van at Self Move Hire or your local rental provider if you believe that they offer a good service. It is always suggested to rent a size bigger than the biggest item that you are moving, because you can never be sure that you are going to pack each inch perfectly.

Make a packing list

No matter if you are packing just some of your things, or all of them, having some kind of list is definitely going to help you a lot while you are packing. For occasion where you are packing and moving all of your items to a new location, you should make a list according to the size of your items, so you can stack them inside or on top of each other.

If you are packing just some of your items, making a list with all of them is a good idea in order to make sure you are bringing everything that you need with you, as returning back for some items might clock some extra hours on your rented van.

Organizing into boxes according to your list is the perfect thing to do

Sort items

By sorting items into boxes, you can easily pack them without making too much wasted space in boxes. All plates can usually stack on each other, and the same goes with glasses and other items, especially clothes. It is also advised to mark the boxes, so you can make unpacking easier as well.

Ask friends to help out

Instead of hiring a professional moving crew that will help you pack your items, it is always a much better idea to ask a couple of friends that are in town to give you a hand. Not only that its going to make the experience more fun, but it will also be done better, as your friends will probably avoid damaging your items.

If you decide to go for an interstate rental such as because  you are moving to another city, you might ask some friends in your new town to help you unpack while the ones in your current, soon to be old, town will help you pack. Connecting with some old friends can go a long way, and you will have plenty of time to chat while packing.

Having friends to help is always great

Final Word

While renting from a trusted provider is very important, using your rental time as efficiently as possible is even more important, and most time can be saved while packing. If you use the tips and tricks in this article, you will definitely save plenty of time while packing, and it will also be a much easier process as well.

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