How Safe Are Armored Vehicles?

The vehicle industry has been striving for the last 80 years.  These vehicles have come a long way and are currently available in various shapes and sizes. The Armored vehicle industry has emerged in the last 20 years and has been very well received by the market thanks to its motto of being a sturdy and safe option. Thanks to these attributes, these cars are becoming famous across the globe.

Here are few armored vehicles used worldwide that are considered safe

SUV- These cars are basically upgraded versions of SUV or sedans that are used by people across the world. The cars have a special feature like an armor that is applied all across the body of the car to fortify it and make it safer. If someone is looking for a personal protection car, then this is the best bet.

Cash in Transit: These are trucks that are used to take cash from one place to another. These armored vehicles are fortified with low grade armoring as they need protection from thugs with handguns and are hence fortified accordingly.

Police/ SWAT/ Tactical: These armor vehicles are usually used by a police squad and SWAT. These are a lot like the transit trucks but are used by a different segment of people. Since these vehicles need protection from a large variety of weapons, they are fortified with special armors. As they are used at high speed and at times of emergency, the same is specially made to accommodate these scenarios.

Military: These cars are known to be used by military people and are heavily armored. Needless to say, they are fortified with the highest and best grade of armor to give adequate protection to all. These are also way more expensive than the other varieties as they use special grade equipment and are made with high-grade metal sheets.

Seeing the potential in this segment of vehicles, a lot of companies have started manufacturing them. Not only do they make new vehicles that are heavily armored and known for being safe, but is also known to make amendments and alteration to the existing ones as per one’s requirements. In this regard, you can take a look at, a leading company in this arena, who make a bevy of such armored vehicles that are safe and affordable. You can easily choose from the wide range available with them.

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