Evaluate and Sell Your Car Instantly with Autozon

If you are in thought of selling your used car in Switzerland, then putting up your car for sale has now become extremely easy with Autozon.

What does Autozon Do?

Autozon is a safe, reliable, convenient and fast way of selling your cars for the best possible price. We buy your car anywhere in Switzerland

We’re proud to help our customers sell their cars, quickly, painlessly and with zero hassles. While the traditional method of selling cars is time-consuming, we’ll take your car off your hands immediately without you having to list it anywhere else.

What we Promise:

  • Sell your car – Every car is unique and hence we fetch the best price for it. We guarantee the possible rate you are seeking.
  • Free online valuation – We offer you a Free online valuation based  on Eurotax, the most trusted and accurate system in Switzerland
  • Convenience – We follow transparency in the overall process and hence help you sell your car with at the convenience of your doorstep.

Why many people choose

  • We travel to your location to perform a free quick inspection, anywhere in Switzerland – saving you time and money
  • We are known for the credibility and unprejudiced business model.
  • We calculate the most accurate market price for your car.
  • We conduct an inspection at free of cost, based on your location and other parameters.
  • We are present in all Switzerland and speak any language (French, German & English)

Our commitment to buying used cars stands unmatched in the industry, which makes Autozon a leading-name for car-owners in Switzerland. No matter your reason for needing to sell your car fast, we’re here to help you and protect you from deviant dealers.

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