8 Signs Of Car Transmission Problems You Just Can’t Ignore

The Mercedes transmissions is a complex system that is in charge of controlling the amount of power applied to the driveshaft from the engine. Just like any part of the car, the transmission will also go through some wearing and tearing over the years. Knowing to spot the signs of transmission trouble can help car owners maintain their Mercedes for longer.

Here are the most common signs of transmission trouble that indicates it is time for some repairs or a full Mercedes transmissions replacement:

Sign #1 – Delays In Shifting

The moment the car hesitates or shows any kind of delay during the shifting of gears, there is something wrong. The gear shifts should immediately go to the proper gear when the driver shifts without any delays as a second of delay can result in a catastrophic accident. As soon as you notice the car’s shifting is no longer 100% responsive it is time to get the transmission checked.

Sign #2 – Strange Sounds

Humming, clunking, and whining sounds are strange for a car. Although the sounds may differ depending on the make and model of the Mercedes, it is best to check under the hood when you start hearing strange sounds.

Sign #3 – Low Fluid

A leak in the transmission fluid is easy to detect as it leaves a spot on the ground. The moment you see any type of fluid pooling under the car, get all fluid levels checked for any leaks to avoid any serious transmission problems in the near future.

Sign #4 – Burning Smell

Any kind of burning smell coming from a car is serious and should never be ignored. As soon as you smell something burning, pull over and contact a mechanic for assistance. The smell might just be overheating transmission fluid, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Sign #5 – Shaking

A car that constantly shakes or jerks on the road is a safety hazard. A faulty manual transmission will shake during the shifting of gears and must be assessed by a mechanic at once. Driving a shaking, grinding, or jerking car on the road can lead to serious accidents.

Sign #6 – Check Engine Light

The check engine light can indicate so many things. A mechanic will be able to completely diagnose your Mercedes using diagnostic trouble codes to ensure any car part trouble is detected as soon as possible.

Sign #7 – Slipping Gears

Staying on the same gear unless shifted is the main function of the transmission. In cases where the gears slip spontaneously, there is a clear problem with the transmission.

Sign #8 – Noisy When Neutral

A noisy transmission when it is in neutral may just mean the transmission fluid needs refilling or changing. It is a fairly common problem for cars but is easy and very inexpensive to fix.

The moment any of these signs manifest when you are driving your Mercedes, get the transmission checked right away. Your safety and the safety of everyone on the road depending on how well you maintain your car.

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